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المنتدى التعليمي - تعلم اللغة الانجليزية و اللغات الاجنبية منتدى الطلاب والطالبات , حسن لغتك الانجليزية , مصطلحات انجليزيه , قاموس انجليزى , مفردات , ترجمة , عبارات انجليزيه , قواميس لغات , قواعد اللغة الانجليزية , دروس , تعليم اللغات , كورسات لغة , اسطوانات تعليم انجليزي , مصطلحات لغوية , تعليم اللغة الانجليزية

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المنتدى التعليمي - تعلم اللغة الانجليزية و اللغات الاجنبية

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قديم 08-10-12, 05:58 AM
الصورة الرمزية almafia
almafia almafia غير متواجد حالياً
راقي نجم
تاريخ التسجيل: Apr 2008
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almafia will become famous soon enoughalmafia will become famous soon enough
fbv;l,k Share Islam

Excuse me !!!

- Would you stop for a moment?!'t you thought-one day- about yourself ?
Who has made it?
Have you seen a design which hasn't a designer ?!
Have you seen a wonderful,delicate work without a worker ?!
It's you and the whole universe!..
Who has made them all ?!!
You know who ?.. It's "ALLAH",prise be to him.
Just think for a moment.
How are you going to be after death ?!
Can you believe that this exact system of the universe and all of these great creation will end in in nothing...just after death!
Have you thought, for a second, How to save your soul from Allah's punishment?!
Haven't you thought about what is the right religion?!
Read ... and think deeply before you answer..
It is religion of Islam.
It is the religion that Mohammad-peace upon him- the last prophet, had been sent by.
It is the religion that the right Bible- which is not distorted-has preached.
Just have a look at The Bible of (Bernaba).
Don't be emstional.
Be rational and judge..
Just then judge and say your word.
We advise you visiting :


This is Islam: Islam means "submission to God". Islam is the belief that there is only One God, whose proper name is Allah, which means " the God". Islam is the same message given to all the prophets, from Adam, Noah, Moses, Abraham, Jesus, and finally to the Prophet Muhammad, the last messenger (peace and blessings be upon them). They all brought the same message: worship only God, and stop worshipping human beings and their ideas.

Become a Muslim Now: If you believe there is only One God who should be worshiped, and no one/nothing else has that right but Him, and you believe Muhammad, peace be upon him, was a messenger who brought the same message as all the prophets before him, then you are basically a Muslim .

This is very important subject
please if you know english website put
this subject in it


رد مع اقتباس

قديم 10-24-12, 03:35 AM
الصورة الرمزية ااهلاوي راقي
ااهلاوي راقي ااهلاوي راقي غير متواجد حالياً
راقي نجم
تاريخ التسجيل: Nov 2010
المشاركات: 1,319
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ااهلاوي راقي will become famous soon enoughااهلاوي راقي will become famous soon enough
رد: Share Islam

موضوع مميز يعطيك العـافيه
رد مع اقتباس

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